Care for the soul of humanity

Aligning spiritual values and practices with humanitarian work

This workshop intends to merge our longing to lead a meaningful life with transformative action in the world through the lenses of Spiritual Humanitarianism.


“Selfless service is a foundational spiritual quality that is necessary to help humanity at this time of transition. Any real “leader” is one who is in service to the needs of the whole.” Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee



“The soul of humanity, for example, might be said to be the conscious celebration of the universe´s grandeur.” Bill Plotkin, Spiritual Ecology


In the light of the worst global humanitarian crisis of our times, how can spiritual values and contemplative practices contribute to our individual and collective response? For those working in the fields of forced displacement and humanitarian responses, how can inner awareness enrich the quality and authenticity of their work? What would it mean to understand humanitarian crises as potential catalyst for social transformation? Can Spiritual Humanitarianism enhance awareness, inner strength and resilience while supporting the worldview of oneness? 


About Spiritual Humanitarianism

Spiritual Humanitarianism brings together the humanitarian field with spiritual values. It encourages responses to humanitarian crises which include spiritual awareness and practices, participating in the care of the soul of humanity. It is not rooted in any particular religious dogma or spiritual path, instead in the conscious recognition of the interconnected and sacred essence of creation.

Spiritual Humanitarianism is inspired in the field of Spiritual Ecology and sheds light on the human cost of our collective forgetfulness that everything is sacred and interconnected. The human cost of our collective forgetfulness has caused tremendous suffering, affecting communities throughout the world and forcing them to flee as consequence of wars, development projects, conflicts over nature gifts, destruction of ecosystems and climate change. It challenges the disposability logic present in our dominant economic model, which seeks power and growth in detriment of human lives and ecosystems, by recognising all human beings deserve a place of belonging in the world.    

The heart of Spiritual Humanitarianism worldview is oneness and the realisation that we all belong to one humanity and share a common home. In this sense, Spiritual Humanitarianism aligns humanitarian response and activism with spiritual practices and values. As we embody this understanding, we can feel a call pulsating at the centre of our being. When we silence ourselves and listen to this call, we are guided to a transformative path of selfless service to the whole.   


About the workshop   

This workshop intends to merge our longing to lead a meaningful life with transformative action in the world through the lenses of Spiritual Humanitarianism. We engage in conscious reflection of and connection with the suffering present in the world and develop states and practices to deepen our care for the soul of humanity. The main purposes of the workshop are:   

  • Explore the worldview, key principles and practices of Spiritual Humanitarianism;

  • Create a space for connection, receptivity and deep listening;

  • Become aware of and open the heart to the suffering in the world;

  • Learn how to develop practices to go beyond the pain, sense of despair and powerlessness that might emerge in the process;  

  • Deepen our care for the soul of humanity;

  • Consider how spiritual values and practices can contribute in humanitarian responses;