Upcoming events

Training | Heart-centred approaches to the refugee crisis

22 ~27 July 2018 | Initiatives of Change, Caux Forum, Switzerland

Trainers: Jo Winsloe & Bruna Kaldetz

This training track draws on the experiences of two initiatives arising in response to the recent humanitarian crisis.  They have sought to bring fresh perspectives and find new ways to welcome, support and create connection between emerging communities of locals and their neighbours who were displaced from their homelands.


The sessions will be experiential, engaging hearts and minds and invite participation as we dig deep into what community means and ask what might be your own unique contribution to this most pressing of issues.  The training is open to both experienced volunteers and those wanting to know what they can do.


Sessions will explore:

  • Models of initiatives that connect and create community among and between people

  • Values underpinning a heart-centred approach

  • Awareness and practices of deep hospitality

  • The role of faith and faith communities

  • Understanding and tools to co-ordinate volunteering as a dynamic social witness practice

  • Leadership skills and qualities in the face of seemingly insurmountable issues

  • The shadow side of volunteering and humanitarian work