Past Events

“This workshop [Care for the soul of humanity] brings to light with transparency the practice of spiritual activism within the field of humanitarianism. It is poetically guided by Bruna Kadletz, who offers her experience in an engaging presence through group activities in which individuals vocalize their thoughts and insights from a place of belonging. We shared moments of inner connection, which carry the seeds of behavioural change while promoting a culture of peace through hospitality and trust. The workshop inspires us to serve, not only the other but also the whole and ourselves.”

Sâmia El Kadri


09 May 2018    

Workshop | Restoring Balance: how should we be to conceive the change we want to see in the world? organized by the project "Acolhida ao Imigrante" from the University of South of Santa Catarina (UNISUL), in Tubarão, Brazil.

04 May 2018    

Talk | Life in Refuge: lived experiences of Syrian Refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon organized by the Satc School in Turvo,  Brazil.

14 Apr 2018    

Workshop | Caring for the soul of the world  facilitated in partnership with Laira Ramos at Gaia Village Project in Garopaba, Brazil.


04 Apr 2018    

Talk | Caring for the soul of the world  facilitated in partnership with Laira Ramos at Espaço Eros in Florianópolis, Brazil.

02 May 2018    

Talk | Finding Purpose in Humanitarian Action as part of the event Inspiration and Action: Transforming people and the world organized by Federal Public Ministry in Florianópolis, Brazil.  

09 Mar 2018       

Talk | Silenced Voices: Violence Against Women in Humanitarian Contexts organised by the Human Rights Committee of the Brazilian Federal Road Police, in celebration of International Women Day, in Florianópolis, Brazil.

24 Fev 2018     

Workshop | Care for the soul of humanity in Florianópolis, Brazil. 

In this workshop, we weaved our longing for leading a meaningful life with transformative action in the world through the lenses of Spiritual Humanitarianism. We engaged in conscious reflection of and connection with the suffering present in the world and developed states and practices to deepen our care for the soul of humanity.

21 Fev 2018        

Pray & Meditation for Florianópolis in Florianópolis, Brazil.  


20 Fev 2018        

Circle of Conversation | Refugee & Hospitality: The Art of Receptivity in Florianópolis, Brazil.

An afternoon of sharing and connection in a beautiful garden, enriched with a circle of conversation, delicious Arab food and henna tattoo. This event also intended to support the refugee community in Florianópolis by creating a space for social integration and business opportunities.


17 Dez 2017        

Workshop | Care for the soul of humanity in Florianópolis, Brazil.


16 Dez 2017        

Photo Exhibition | Circles of Hospitality at the Islamic Social Action - "E eu, onde fico?" - organised by  the Muslim Association FAMBRAS  in São Paulo, Brazil.  


29 Nov 2017       

Lecture | The sun doesn´t rise for all: The lived experiences of refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and    Palestine organised by the Department of Oriental Studies, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


22 Nov 2017       

Lecture | The sun doesn´t rise for all - The lived experiences of refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and        Palestine organised by the Department of International Relations, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Sep ~ Nov 2017   

Field trip | Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Westbank and Morrocos. 

Aug 2017            

Volunteers Training | Portuguese for Arabic Speakers supported by the Federal University of Santa      Catarina, in Florianópolis, Brazil.

05 Apr 2017       

Lecture | Life in Refuge organised by the Department of International Relations, University of the South (UNISUL), in Tubarão, Brazil.

07 Fev 2017       

Talk | Tales of Refuge - Guest Speaker hosted by St. Ethelburga´s, London, UK.

04 Fev 2017        

Talk | Breakfast Conversation on Refugees - Guest Speaker hosted by Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees at  the Liberton NorthField Church, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

02 Fev 2017        

Talk | Life in RefugeGuest Speaker at the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland.

“The workshop [Care for the soul of humanity] offered moments of connection with nature: externally, under the shadow of mango trees, accompanied by the sound of singing birds, with insect bites and itching skin; and internally, under our own shadows, followed by the song within the heart, with itching emotions. The framework successfully covers moments of reflection and deep listening, storytelling and exploration of symbolic elements, while elucidating concepts related to humanitarian crisis and global responses. I left the workshop grounded enough to carry on the supportive work with displaced communities and inspired to cultivate peace in all regions of the world.”

Sônia Maria Paciulli Raffa


May ~ Sep 2016   

Field trip | Turkey, Greece, France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Hungary and Serbia. 

29 Aug 2016       

Talk | A spiritual response to the refugee crisis? - Guest Speaker hosted by Fergus Armstrong, Dublin, Ireland.

20 Jul 2016       

Talk | A spiritual response to the refugee crisis? - Guest Speaker hosted by St. Ethelburga´s, London, UK.