Talks & Workshops 

Many of us hear the soul calling to participate in the transformation of the world and become the midwives of a more peaceful, loving and conscious humanity. However, in confronting existing injustices and human suffering, there might be an inclination to fall into the traps of polarisation, powerlessness, anger and frustration. This way, either we experience states of separation, exhaustion and inaction, or we become the very reality we aim to transform.  

Social change and human transformation must spring from a consciousness rooted in oneness and reverence for the sacred in creation. There is, consequently, a real need for us to reflect upon how we must be in order to conceive the change we want to see.


Join us as we discover and explore spiritual values and practices as an invitation to serve the whole, contributing to the alignment and synergy of inner work and outer action in the world.

The talks and workshops require no previous knowledge or training, and welcomes:

  • Professionals, volunteers and students working in the field of forced displacement and human rights advocacy seeking to strengthen their inner resilience and enhance the quality and authenticity of the work developed; 

  • Anyone who wishes to align contemplative practices and inner work with outer actions and projects intending to trigger meaningful social transformation.      


Our events are thoughtfully designed and easily adjustable to embrace the needs and interest of audiences. The duration varies according to the chosen format, ranging from a day workshop to a week training.

For booking inquiries, please contact Bruna Kadletz at